Social Anxiety – All You Need to Know

Social anxiety explained

Most of us feel awkward in at least some social situations, especially when we are in the spotlight or meet new people. It’s also very normal to feel embarrassed, nervous, or uncomfortable in situations where we can be judged, like interviews, meeting your partner’s family, or starting a new job. Most of the time, this kind of anxiety settled over time, and does not often stop us from doing fun and important things.

But for some people, anxiety about social situations can weaken and can affect their work, relationships, and quality of life. This is generally called social anxiety.  If you feel very stressed in social situations, or if you often feel very worried about other people judging you, then you might benefit from learning more about beating social anxiety through

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What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety is excessive fear of constantly being judged by others. People with social anxiety worry about embarrassing or humiliating themselves. They tend to see themselves as strange, ugly, stupid, or flawed in some way. They also tend to worry a lot about being judged for showing physical signs of anxiety, like sweating, blushing, or trembling.

Not surprisingly, people with social anxiety feel very stressed in situations where they might be judged by others, such as parties, job interviews, meeting new people, speaking in public, cutting hair, eating in public, or shopping. As a result, they tend to avoid this situation as much as they can.

This means that people with social anxiety often miss important events or opportunities. They can also struggle to communicate their needs, say ‘no’ to people, and maintain friendships. As a result, social anxiety can have a significant impact on people’s confidence, self-esteem, and psychological well being.