Steel frames and Steel Frame Construction

Building with steel opens the door to a world of possibilities. Whether you are building an office park, church, mall, or even an airport hangar, steel gives you the ability to be flexible in design. Many people may not realize that the steel building comes in a wide selection of frames, each suited toward different building purposes.

For companies and organizations looking for a quick turnaround in the construction and occupation of the building, steel frame construction should be the first choice. That said, there are several frame structures ideal for big or small projects. Knowing what each one does can help a company decide which kit to purchase and set up – or to have set up by knowledgeable contractors. Here is a listing of what is available to the real estate owner.

Gable symmetrical

A ridged (double slope) building where the ridge is in the middle of the building. It is great for large rooms and warehouses.

Single building Slope

A sloping roof in one plane. The slope is from one wall to the opposite wall. Used mainly in lowrise construction.


The structure that ties into one side of an existing building. Great to consider if you are adding on to an existing structure.