Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder

Many people feel uncomfortable or become uneasy and embarrassed when put in a social situation. It is normal to feel nervous or a little antsy when you deal with new things or meet new people in your life. But how do you know if you have symptoms of social anxiety disorders?

Do you often or consistently worry about bad things that might happen to you or your loved ones? People who have social anxiety are regularly anxious and uncomfortable when they deal with different situations with people, even everyday activities.   There are various therapies and treatments for beating social anxiety on

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When they are given an activity or faced with something that they should do with others, they initially become uncomfortable because they think of things that can go wrong. They over analyze the situation and make all the details a lot more complicated than they really are.

Thinking about things like accidents or other unfortunate things that may happen can be very self destructive because even if they have mustered enough courage to do the task at hand, their fear of the things that might go wrong will get the best of them. No matter how skillful or talented they maybe, they will not know that they are competent and they will only think about their weaknesses.

They will keep on thinking about the things that may go wrong and their weaknesses that can greatly affect one’s confidence. More severe cases of people with social anxiety disorder cannot find the strength to go to work or school and even can not go outside their homes because of the fear of who they might meet.

People who are suffering from social anxiety refuse to allow new things to happen in their lives or new people to come into their lives. They take comfort in few things and people that they have known all their life.