The advantages of underwater luminaires

If you own an outdoor pool, then your pool lighting is going to have an important impact on the safety of everyone who swims in your pool. The selection process is therefore not just about finding a certain type of light that you think looks beautiful – it’s also about ensuring that all people using your pool can enjoy themselves without the worry of being accidentally pushed into the water or knocked out.

What is an underwater luminaire?

Underwater Outdoor lighting is a type of luminaire that is installed under above-ground housing which means it uses the natural light from the surface. These fixtures also have built-in orifices to allow water to flow through them. This allows for a much more even and natural light distribution with little possibility of interference from nearby structures.

Benefits of an underwater luminaire

Underwater luminaires are a type of luminaire that has been adapted for use in underwater applications. They operate on different principles and have many advantages over traditional luminaires.

Selection of outdoor lighting for swimming pools

Outdoor pool lighting can be a tricky thing to select. Many factors must be taken into consideration. How much visibility do you need? What type of pool surface are you lighting? The selection of outdoor pool lights can be confusing, and they vary depending on the types of aquatic surfaces that you have.

Underwater luminaires can be used in a variety of situations. They are perfect for illuminating shallow pools, fountains, or at the edge of the pool. They also provide an interesting design element that is not present in traditional luminaires that are mounted on the ground.